A poem for Grandpa


A poem for Grandpa
Dad's Story by Jan



Live Your Life for God

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They say that for every year of your life only a few things truly stick,

For me in 1981, it was that first or second Dallas trip.


We were barely little kids when we went up the glass elevator in the Mobil Oil Tower,

With Grandpa at our side for his retirement party, we were the hit of the hour.


As Grandpa introduced us to his co-workers that fine day,

In a Grandpa tone, “This is my Grandson” is what he’d say.


Over the years we grew to love him as we played games of solitaire,

And really got to know him, this Navy Man extraordinaire.


How he’d met Grandma at the office and played tricks with mistletoe,

And how he treated each employee fairly, and never let one go.


At his 80th birthday party, you could see how proud and happy he was,

To see his kids and grandkids around him, showering him with love.


And then the times I got to travel to Dallas these past four to five years,

I’ll never ever forget the moments with my Grandpa, music to my ears.


These past few years I’ve learned a lot about what it really means to live,

To see my Grandma be there for Grandpa and always give and give and give.


Last week when Grandpa wakened we had a chance to speak on early Tuesday AM,

Grandma, Mom and Ron said how great a man he was and his response a clearly spoken, “I am?”


To answer you my Grandpa just look around this place,

Our morals, beliefs and actions inspired by you… and God’s grace.


As we leave this place today, there is one thing that I know my Grandpa would request,

“Live your life for God, and you, like me, will be truly blessed.”


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